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Jo Morgan

Jo has a particular interest in working with women who are contemplating major work, relationship or health challenges. She has a high degree of health literacy, confidence and understanding of the health industry, the way our bodies work and the interaction between our body, mind and gut. She takes a wholistic approach to assessing and addressing a wide range of factors such as diet, exercise and sleep that play a major part in our experience of illness, good health and wellbeing. For women of all ages she is able to assist them to navigate the overwhelm and shock of a life threatening, life changing health related diagnosis or major relationship change. This can also include addressing factors that contribute to loneliness, expanding social relationships and dealing with friendship difficulties.

Jo assists women through difficult and challenging disruptions whether bought on by the ageing process or factors beyond their control. She has an interest in assisting people to contemplate difficult end of life decisions and provides assistance to help people finalise decisions in regards to Advanced Care Planning and other health related decisions.  


John Corcoran

John is a skilled and sought after advisor on managing difficult behaviours in the workplace. He assists managers at all levels to blend the personal and professional demands of their role and minimise the negative consequences of excess demand whilst enhancing their overall life satisfaction.

John has many decades of experience in working with families and children and works effectively with parents, carers and relatives to deal with a range of difficulties, no matter how complex.  


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Jo Morgan: 0423 148 769
John Corcoran: 0416 335 630